About Us

HummingBird Connect is an mobile based application that is here to save you time, money, and increase your productivity.

How it works: Users on the mobile application ask questions, which are then posted to a community. The community of users answers those questions and gets credit for their answers. Answers that are sent back to the user are given a premium credit, while the other answers that are not used are given a standard credit. The key is to get the answer used. How? The user who answers the question with the highest RATING will get their answer posted back to the USER!

How do RATINGS work? It is very important to keep your rating HIGH so your answers is chosen. Each answer is RATED from 1-5 Stars by the users who asked the question, if it is posted back to the user. The user who asks the questions RATES you! It is very important that you follow the Hummingbird Answering Questions Guidelines to insure your ratings are kept up.

Answering Questions Guidelines

If you have any questions or comment send email to:

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